Great chocolate from Africa

Kenya rose with their local chocolate

Absolute Chocolate

Who knew that one day you are in this country, and find lots of chocolates that are part of their lifestyle. One of them looks through chocolate stores, Absolute Chocolate in Nairobi, Kenya.

A store that seemed luxurious, even you will be fooled, assume it as a jewelry store. A young man who likes chocolate culinary, Naheed Ahmed in Kenya, since November last year pioneered the chocolate business.

Try to taste one of their products, chili-infused truffles flavored spicy, satisfying fans, Nairobi became brown town, and when you try it, feel the sensation on the tongue.

White Chocolate Truffle

Starry Night Vanilla Pralines

And, you will be surprised, the young man who studied culinary from South Africa, the trust with local ingredients, chocolate, milk and sugar, making Absolute become so popular.

In addition to Kenya, several other regions in Africa also find the best way to process the chocolate, for example Ghana with labels Golden Tree, then Madecasse from Madagascar.

Africa, now has another uniqueness through the chocolate, of course.

(Source CNN Indonesia, Reuters /Images Absolute Chocolate)


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