Golf Courses in Jakarta were Friendly Towards Tourists

21 golf courses of 33 golf courses in Jakarta is ready to receive tourists golf enthusiasts

Jakarta tourism are well aware of the presence of sports fans of golf travelers, the capital city and the surrounding region unexpectedly turned out to have a golf tourism potential is quite a lot.

Even some golf courses designed by renowned designer, such as Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, and they design fields with different challenges.

Golf courses around the capital is worth mentioning friendly for tourists, such as the ability of the caddy in a foreign language, such as English, Japanese, and Mandarin. Then the golf course owned by Jakarta considered unique and different from any other city in the world.

Jakarta has a field that has different characteristics, in addition to mountain course contained in Sentul, there are also city courses that are located in strategic areas in Jakarta. You will be amazed with the choice of location, for example a few city course in Pondok Indah Golf Course and Senayan National Golf Course is close to the shopping center.

Travelers with special interest for the sport of golf and will certainly make Jakarta as a special destination of golf tourism and become an alternative other than Thailand and Malaysia.

(Source M Chairunisa - Kompas Travel, Culture and Tourism Office of Jakarta, /Images M Kirangen, M Kretyawan)


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