Most Expensive Hotel Room Services in the World

Based on Tripadvisor's TripIndex Room Service that compare hotel prices and its services

New York

As written in a previous article on this blog, about the cheapest hotel room service rates in the world, in the following section rate delivered services included in the category of the most expensive in the world.

It may be in your tour in a place, the selection of a hotel will arrive at expensive rates, and can not be avoided, certainly in terms of tourist trips like this to be part of the experience. That's okay, right?

The survey conducted by TripAdvisor providing clues, TripIndex which compare hotel prices along with the service, to 48 popular destinations worldwide, who provide service and the most expensive hotel rates in the world.


As an illustration is a comparison between Sofia, the average cost incurred while staying at the hotel is USD 98.06 per night with the city of New York, with a rate four times more expensive, ie USD 425.24. In addition to the other cities are Zurich (Switzerland) USD 360.90 and London (UK) at the rate of USD 340.77.

Here's 10 Most Expensive Hotel Rates and Room Services in the World.

1. New York, USA
2. Zurich, Switzerland
3. London, UK
4. Toronto, Canada
5. Paris, France

6. Tokyo, Japan
7. Oslo, Norway
8. Hong Kong, Hong Kong
9. Stockholm, Sweden
10. Copenhagen, Denmark

However in a tourist trip, once upon a time you will see and experience staying at one of the hotels that are in the cities mentioned above.

(Source M Wahyuningsih - CNN Indonesia, TripAdvisor /Images W Sjahran, Helena Nina)


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