The natural beauty of Bunaken

Bunaken National Park is one of the charms of the city of Manado

Despite a lot of tourism potential in the region, but it ignores the beauty of Bunaken is a vanity, you should select it first and see the natural beauty of the sea at the top or at the bottom.

An area in the north of the island of Sulawesi, enjoy the beautiful panorama following various types of delicious culinary, allowing you to relieve boredom of routine activities in the big city.

Need to travel by boat, in order to arrive at your desired location, diving and snorkeling in one of the dive sites named Lekuan.

Enjoy the blue water between the rocks of the sea, beautiful view underwater is equipped with a flock of colorful fish, coral reefs already ranks hills extend in sight.

Bunaken be a lively place various types of fish, nemo, lolosi fish yellow tail, grouper, and gusumi horse fish, maybe even the types of other underwater inhabitants.

(Source AR Sulistyawaty - Kompas, Kompas Travel, T Sumampouw /Images T Sumampouw - Manado)


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