Tips on Buying Travel Luggage

Choosing a backpack or suitcase to carry luggage

The hardcase material suitcase

Certainly be a little chaos, when we have to choose whether to wear a backpack or carrying a suitcase on the way. Many reasons to say that carrying the backpack will give the value of practicality, but there are other things can happen in a suitcase.

Suitcase is made goods congenital become safer and also practically guaranteed, so the selection of a suitcase also require accuracy.

1. Determine the size of a suitcase with a capacity of goods to be taken. If the holiday is not too long, the aircraft cabin size suitcase with enough for 2 to 3 days trip.

Consider the destination, whether you are going to buy a lot of souvenir items?

2. Material of the suitcase, durable and not easily damaged. Some materials are guaranteed either, made of hardcase and made from softcase. But it needs to be considered, that the hardcase material vulnerable cracked during the process of transport at the airport.

The materials were chosen as polycarbonate that is light enough and not easily cracked, while for the softcase suitcase, choose a ballistic nylon material that is durable and not easily torn.

3. Observe handles, zippers, and wheeled suitcase in accordance with the conditions of your trip. Some models can handle provide comfort, while the suitcase with the zipper of metal is not easily damaged during the process of transport at the airport.

Check-in Queue in Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok

Observe wheeled suitcases, two types namely with two wheels (upright) are more easily drawn, and four wheels (spinner). Suitcase of spinner type can move without being affected by the weight in suitcases and fit on a smooth road surface.

4. Pay attention to the security of a suitcase. Materials and zipper is a major factor. Note also the key or padlock to ensure the safety of your luggage.

Suitcases with international safety standards is equipped with a TSA standard lock (Travel Sentry Approved), and further facilitate the baggage handlers at the airport during the examination, without damaging the luggage lock.

5. Recognize with both shape and color of your suitcase. It needs to be examined properly, mark, identity, ribbons, name label or specific code, so the sooner you know it.

Traveling trip will be fun, with all your preparation well in advance, including in terms of preparing the suitcase. Of course.

(Source A Pertiwi - KompasTravel /Image Skyscanner, R Hastuty)


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