Mangrove forests in the concrete jungle of Jakarta

Nature in the seaside Jakarta

Who would have thought that the city was filled with towering concrete buildings, it turns out when we reached the edge of the sea from the other parts of this metropolis, there is hidden Mangrove forests.

Typical natural setting by the sea, but surrounded by lush forests, across the path in the dominance of wood and foliage umbrella. A tourist area in Angke Forest.

You can down the entire forest, and even enjoy the fun to paddle a canoe or motor boating on the water. While looking at a small mangrove tree newly planted mangrove planting area, almost every tree has been given labels or nameplate agency or individual name in mangrove trees, which is the result of contributions from all walks of life who care.

Do not forget to climb the tower stairs birds, with 40 pieces of stairs to enjoy a wider view of the mangrove forest again and again. Feel the aura of nature, the sound of shore birds, the wind gently blowing in your face, the smell of the sea and blue sky.

That's where the tourists who want to feel the silence and away from the frenetic big city.

(Source T Wahyuni - CNN Indonesia /Images Aisy Ilfiyah, Febryanty Putry, Endang Kusnadi)


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