5 Best Airport in the World for Waiting When "Delay"

Based on the results of direct observation at the airport of Flightright.co.uk version

Changi Airport

One day on your way to a destination, and you're forced to wait because the plane delay or experiencing a connecting flight, transit or the like, there is no other choice but to wait.

Trust me, not all of the activity at the airport waiting to be boring, because in this world you can find airports attractive for this experience.

An interesting observation about airports shows there's five best airports to wait because of delay or transit.

The Garden at Terminal 3 - Photo Credit Changi Airport

1. Changi, Singapore. Charm that you will find is the gardens that bring imagination, various atmosphere is present in the midst of you, for example, Nature, sports arenas, and a butterfly garden. Enjoy their new building, luxury terminal connecting area titled "Project Jewel", shops and a park with the atmosphere of a five-storey high waterfall.

2. Koh Samui, Thailand. Unique location on an island, with nature around, trees and flowers, take you to a completely different atmosphere, separate from the mainland Thailand.

3. Incheon, South Korea. You experience a lot of surprise, airports with surprising amenities, in addition to tax-free shopping, the scent of Korean culture, you can enjoy ice skating, golf course, spa, indoor garden, and also the casino to entertain the passengers.

4. Hong Kong, China. Separated from the mainland of Hong Kong, on the island of Chek Lap Kok, interesting. You will not get tired of waiting, a variety of exciting facilities can amaze anyone, IMAX theaters, golf courses, and the Aviation Discovery Centre with a simulator, an optical illusion wall, shark sculpture - made of sand, and the memoirs of Bruce Lee, they even provide facilities for children and family, Dream Come True Education Park.

5. Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Here it is one of the busiest airports in the world, with interesting attractions to passengers, swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, fitness center, garden zen (typical Japanese temple garden) indoor, as well as open gardens, even "snoozecube" for the passengers who are sleep deprived.

In general, all the airport management fully understands, the best way to pamper passengers when it stopped at the airport, they equip airports with duty free shopping area, cafe and restaurant that has a taste.

(Source Kompas Travel, Mirror /Image M Kretyawan)


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