The Most Secure Seating in Airplane

Based on the research of Time

No one wants a disaster on the way in aircraft, especially for the world travelers who like traveling a long way towards tourist spots in various parts of the world.

Possible for most tourists are not concerned about where they will be sitting in the plane, no time to think about a seat on the plane that are considered the safest.

Through Time study reported by Fox News has provided clues about the safest place to sit on an airplane.

Analysis is given to all parts of the aircraft and the position row of seats, against 17 plane crash that occurred in 1980.

The most interesting result that - the safest part is the rear part of the plane is the safest, - and can also be easily to move into the middle seat, with the percentage level of security in the size of 28 percent fatality rate in accidents.

The following percentage of mortality based on seat position.

1. The seats near the wing has the highest mortality rate of the most - 44 percent
2. Seating in the hall - 44 percent
3. The front third - 38 percent
4. The position at the rear of the plane third - 32 percent
5. seating in the middle - 30 percent
6. The lowest percentage, rear part of the plane - 28 percent

Despite the results obtained from the above study, but we certainly do not want the worst thing happens, wherever we sit, and travel should take place safely, comfortable and enjoyable for anyone.

(Source M Ahmad - CNN Indonesia, FoxNews /Image Ni Kdk R Riyanti)


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