10 Kinds of Photogenic Food that the Most Widely Uploaded

Instagram became a site to upload the photos of your favorite foods

Pizza of Palazzo Mora, Venice

There is a new habit that is becoming a trend in cyberspace, particularly on various social media sites, including a photo based site, Instagram, photographing the food while inserted a certain hashtag (#), and then upload them to social media sites.

A website, Photoworld.com conducted a series of studies about the types of food that are considered as the most photogenic photo, then one result is obtained these photos have a tendency different in every country, taken from approximately 100 thousand photos on Instagram website.

The Pasta, Milan

Some interesting results, for example, are the types of food that could be the result of a photographic object.

The best city in the world which upload pictures of burger.
1. London
2. New York
3. Los Angeles

The best cities to upload photos of bacon and sushi.
1. New York
2. Los Angeles
3. Bangkok
4. Milan
5. Tokyo

Typical cuisine of a particular country.
1. Germany, just upload the typical food of their country, currywurst
2. Canada, just upload, poutine (processed cheese, chips and sauce), in cities, such as Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Laval and Ottawa.

The Hotdogs at Food Market, Amsterdam

Country that uploading of food, but not the typical food of their country.
1. Melbourne, most often upload pictures of banh mi, a kind of baguette typical of Vietnam.

Here are 10 kinds of food the most photogenic uploaded on Instagram.

1. Pizza
2. Sushi
3. Steak
4. Burger
5. Bacon

6. Tacos
7. Donut
8. Ramen
9. Kari
10. Hotdog

Of course new trends like these make social media sites become more lively, making anyone who saw the more enthusiastic and curious to try it. The positive aspect is opening horizons a tour of the various parts of the world, and became one of the goals of a trip.

(Source M Wahyuningsih - CNN Indonesia, Photoworld.com /Images R Mailisa, M Paath Djojonegoro, E Widi)


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