7 Types of Games for Children on the Plane

Games for children without using the ‘gadgets’

When you are in a travel on the plane, certainly a lot of preparation needs to be done, so that children can be more calm on the plane while in the air.

An agency of the American Academy of Pediatrics has provided an explanation related to the children, so that they stay away from the gadget-based game, especially for under two years of age.

Of course we want to know the types of games for children on the plane without using a gadget.

1. Environmentally Friendly Games. Type of game like this is very practical, such as toys from the candle base material, otherwise it is easy to clean and easy to be moved.

2. Water-Based Portable Coloring Book. Included in this category is books like "Melissa & Doug Water Wow Coloring", and as an alternative you can search for similar kinds of books, coloring books and crayons.

3. Reading Books for Children. Bring a reading book is the way and means to make children have a habit of reading and building a child's imagination.

4. Masking Tape or Scotch tape with Images/Colorful Scotch tape. They loved the game tools like this, paste, be creative with paper and various other games.

5. Magna Doodle or Image Magnetic Board. Interesting game, albeit outdated, but effectively keep them busy for the aircraft.

6. Finger Puppets. Of course you need to be creative to build a story, so that the doll be effective and attract the attention of children.

7. Diversion attention to looking out the window of the plane. Introduce them to the various elements of sky, clouds, blue sky, small islands at the bottom, and the blue sea beyond. It is very healthy and sound.

If you do a good preparation when vacationing with the family, especially the presence of children, all require a good preparation, so that the children can cooperate in the course of your travel with the family.

(Source Kompas Travel, Intisari Online /Image Singapore Airlines)


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