City with a Million Bicycles

Early summer in Amsterdam

Who could have thought that one day you are present in this city, when the summer began to greet, with a more friendly atmosphere, even though we still can feel the breeze greeted the face.

You can stop in the city center, Central Station, Dam Square, and mingle with the people there, private cars and motorcycles passing, as well as mass transportation, such as tram or GVB bus, but the interesting sights are witnessing a bicycle as king in this city.

Almost on every street corner you will find, in front of a luxury shopping mall, cafes, and office buildings, complete with a parking lot by the river, a boat parking for bicycles.

State of Windmills by bike comes around you, according to city government data, there are more than 800,000 bikes, they - the citizens - is using the bicycle as a primary means of transportation, and it keeps the body healthy, is not it?

If you are interested to try, do not worry, this town with a friendly and easy to find a rental place, interesting! Healthy, and become a part of everyday life, thus becoming the face of the city of Amsterdam.

City where you'll find millions of bicycles.

(Source L Pransiska - Kompas, M Marina Bartels - Amsterdam /Images M Marina Bartels)


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