Countries with the Most Good Weather In The World - 1

Pleasant weather certainly be one of the considerations when traveling

Nicosia, Cyprus

Sightseeing trip so special when a tourist destination has many privileges, especially the good weather. Who does not want to experience it?

Good weather would bring a good impression for tourists, when they arrive at a tourist spot, the atmosphere and temperature according to taste.


Through an article published in the Huffington Post, several places near-perfect weather conditions and deserve to be considered when traveling.

The best air temperature - Ecuador. You will experience a special case, because the weather seems like spring all year round, with average temperatures around 21 degrees Celsius. The country is in the equator, so the length of time of day and night are equal in length to 12 hours.

Most blistering - Arizona. Referring to the Guinness World Records, the largest sun exposure on earth occurs in Yuma, Arizona, beam of sunlight without the distraction of about eleven hours a day or more than four thousand hours in a year.

Rarely rain - Namibia. This state is very rarely visited by rain with temperatures around 21 degrees Celsius, or in other words the lowest rainfall in the world. You can go to the port city of Swakopmund with rainfall and precipitation is less than 2.5 centimeters per year.

The best humidity level - Cyprus. In this country you get the best thing, the hair and the skin will not dry, it gets the degree of humidity, Rh, in the vicinity of 50 percent. In situations can indeed increase the temperature of the heat, but keep the air humidity is not barren, as well as the scent of the nearby sea breeze brings coolness.

Is a special experience for the traveler gets a chance reach these countries, an experience that enriches the mind and mental health. Become a positive part of the citizens of the world, when visiting these exotic places.

Continued to Part 2.

(Source HA Samosir - Indonesian CNN, Huffington Post /Images W Sjahran - Cyprus)


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