French Fries are favored by many people

Although including junk food, but can not be ignored, they like fries

You would be one of them, maybe, especially when you are spending the weekend in a shopping district, fries, or better known as french fries, was so loved.

Typical snack foods are very tempting flavor, do not reject by anyone, no matter what its form, whatever its name, chips, french fries or frites.

Of course we want to know from where the name of french fries, for example, in many European countries, France, Spain, and Belgium assumed they were first found.

Reasons are given by each of the country's population, for example, those of Belgium said they call fries as french fries because all Belgian food is very closely related to the French.

How about the French people? Their opinion will of course be different, potato was first sold by hawkers on the Pont Neuf bridge in 1789, even more interesting, the Spaniards, think of them as creators of fries, for historical reasons, they are the first country to bring these potatoes into a new world, America.

It turns all have their own reasons, attractive, and in the end all agreed, whatever the evolving story, they will enjoy it with joy, and ended the happy weekend.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia /Images R Rumambi, W Sjahran)


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