Music Festival makes You Slim and Healthy

Studies of technology company, Withings, the music could be a sports event indirectly

Coachella Valley Music & Art Festival, 2013

Young children around the world, even those indirectly become a hunter all music events, music festivals that take place in a country, generally in countries adjacent to their country.

They are indirectly becoming music-based travelers, or in other words the music tour, they liked the music pounding, frenetic among them, mingled in the midst of the world's young, fellow music fans. They will strive to achieve a musical event, just in order to meet with their idol musicians on stage, meeting new friends, and special experience of the music arena.

Festival Mundial Tilburg, Netherlands

Through research then it is known that music can burn about 9,000 calories during a three-day music event. Even in the arena of the festival they will do a lot of activities, to travel around the arena, it is an incredible experience.

Then it is known that the Glastonbury Music Festival is a festival of the most widely burn calories, burn about 3,400 calories per day, and the average person walking 5.1 miles every day in the Worthy Farm arena.

Following the music festival that is able to give a wholesome experience for the body of the visitors, as quoted from NME.

1. Glastonbury - 3,400 calories burned per day and 5.1 miles per person
2. V Festival - 3100 calories /4.6 miles per person
3. Reading Festival - 3,000 calories /4.7 miles per person
4. T in the Park - 3,000 calories /4.5 miles per person
5. Leeds Festival - 2,900 calories /4.6 miles per person
6. Creamfields - 2,800 calories /4.2 miles per person
7. The Isle of Wight Festival - 2,700 calories /4 miles per person
8. Bestival - 2,600 calories /4 miles per person
9. Lovebox - 2,500 calories /3.1 miles per person
10. T4 On The Beach - 2,300 calories /2.9 miles per person

So that later proved that the music festival is not something negative, revelers event who are not responsible, such as the assumption of many people who claim to civilized, universal music unites many people from many nations and reconcile the hearts of all who called.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, NME /Image sachoben - wikipedia, Ni Made Purnamasari - Tilburg)


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