How to Avoid Pickpocket in Paris? – Part 1

A friend who will travel to various cities in Europe ask about special experience when facing the pickpocket in those cities. And there is an article written by a female journalist - Dini K Massabuau, discuss this issues.

Of course we want our vacation or on a business trip can be run smooth and no bad thing happens. The following tips according to the authors obtained from police and her personal experience in such cities in Europe, especially Paris.

1. Hang your bags in the front of the chest. This is very useful, especially in the metro. In addition we’re not disturb other passengers, also safer because we can cover with our hands.

2. For women use handbag with zipper. Try to have lots of pockets inside and also outside. This is useful because the items are less valuable, such as city maps, metro tickets, pens.

3. Use separate wallet. Always have a small purse with coins, most of the 10 euro, for example, to buy drinks and snacks. Money, driver's license and other ID cards are stored in the other wallet. Likewise for bank cards, such as ATM, credit card in some other wallets, easy to find this kind of wallet card are sold specifically in Paris.

4. Copies of all important papers and letters. Record the number of bank cards (ATM, credit card) in a note book agenda complete with a phone number that can be contacted in the event of loss. Also take note of your country's embassy phone number and other important numbers.

5. Keep safe the metro ticket, bus, city maps and tourist books in one small travel bag. It is often use during visits.

6. Do not use the camera photography inside the crowd. If there is no other way, put the bag in our hands clamp or in the forward position, not in the back.

There are still some other things that need to be considered by the tourists, but be careful about everything around as a precaution.

Continued to Part 2 ...

(Source Dini K Massabuau, travelKompas /Image Helena Nina)


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