How does the Experience Flying with the LCC airline?

LCC airlines - low cost carrier is an alternative model of aviation service of choice for tourists. But many things also which makes passengers feel something different.

Is it that distinguishes it from a full service airline?

LCC airline which is a low budget airline, does not provide a variety of facilities and even entertainment during the flight. As a traveler would need preparation, in order not to be bored during the flight is underway.

Suppose you are in a LCC flight, without food and entertainment television and even the music sounds. Sure makes you confused, do not know what to do.

Necessary preparations to deal with it, right? When you travel, make sure the objects below is placed in a special bag.

First of all is the blindfold, then an inflatable pillow. Then the book to reads like a novel or comic.

Then what else? Jacket or sweater (or blanket, phasmina) certainly need in the plane (if you feel cold at any time), then a plaything – game tools. For sure!

For example, puzzle books, crossword puzzle books, or sudoku. Even electronic games, game consoles or tablet computer, this needs to pay attention to flight conditions (which may interfere with the signal – better ask the cabin crew).

The following items should also be taken. Music players, such as MP3 players could be an option to fill the time on the plane. It should also bring a bottle of drink, snack, such as sweet peas or maybe fruits and sweets peppermint to reduce pressure on the ears during takeoff.

And at last but not least is the drugs medicine, such as drugs for headaches or anti-drunk.

May the journey be interesting.

(Source NL Made Pertiwi – travelKompas, I W Suryaman – Denpasar /Image Singapore Airlines)


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