Chinese tourists more royal shopping in Australia

They are coming more and more traveling to Australia, it is interesting for tourists from China to "waste" money alias spend their money for other spending to consumption.

So that was recorded on the Australian Visa Office, May 29, 2013 stated that by the end of 2012, there are 11.6 per cent increase in Chinese tourists spending items. Following below is a 4.8 percent increase in tourist expenditure portion of the United States, then a tourist from New Zealand who recorded 4.7 percent increase in tourist spending.

Australia welcomed the presence of tourists in their country, tourism play an increasingly important role in the land of kangaroos. It can be seen from the holders of Visa Cards in 2012 which recorded revenues of 4.8 billion Australian dollars (up 0.3 percent).

Tourism gives its own color for a country, and an important part that generating economic excitement in both sides.

(Source SMH, Kompas /Image PATA)


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