Costa Cruise Victoria enter Indonesian seas in November 2013

This is a great cruise ship weighs 75,166 tons with a length of 253 meters with a width of 32 meters, has 14 decks with 964 cabins. You will be amazed to see it in person and the ship will arrive in November-December 2013 from the port of Marina Bay, Singapore.

As you get closer to this Costa Cruises Victoria - that carrying more than 3,000 passengers from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, and other European countries, it is clearly visible its ship interior. Italian luxury style, as if you are transported to Italy in the vast ocean in the Semarang-Singapore-Bali-Lombok-Singapore route.

With such facilities inside, the hotel, a theater, five restaurants, including 10 bar is equipped with 3 swimming pools, fitness/gym, salon, spa, basketball court, meeting rooms, and others.

This ship will throw anchor on November 25 and December 23 in the port of Semarang. It's a great opportunity for the passengers on the ship, they will travel to tourist resorts such as Borobudur temple or tourist areas in Karimun Java Islands. Subsequently on November 26, and December 24 yacht is docked at the Port of Benoa, Bali.

The next destination on November 27 and December 25, 2013 the cruise ship - Costa Cruise Victoria - will travel to the island of Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara.

Special trip for anyone for 7 nights on 23 November 2013, at a cost ranging USD 565 per person for the cheapest cabin "inside classic" type and up to USD 1,345 for cabin "suite with ocean view".

While on a December 21, 2013 trip for the same service, the price per person increased to USD 725 for the cabin "inside classic" type and the highest USD 1,925 for the "suite with ocean view".

Citing news from travelKompas, Friday, June 14, 2013, Imam Syafii - Director PSA (Preferred Sales Agent) Costa Cruises in Indonesia, said that after departing from Singapore, Chrismast Eve celebration will be held in the waters of Lombok to the departure date of December 23, 2013.

This is interesting, isn’t it?

(Sources Costa Cruise, travelKompas /Image Costa Cruise Asia)


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