Lake Sentani Festival always inviting tourists

In this special island in addition to the mystery of nature that are not inexhaustible, that always mesmerized us, there are other interesting things, namely regular cultural festival that held every year.

Lake Sentani Festival, Festival Baliem Valley and Asmat Festival that invites travelers’ curiosity, with a definite calendar of events starting in June, August and October each in every year.

Apart from the flood water hit the Lake Sentani region, but the community and organizers remain seriously carry out this event. Wim Rumbino, Head of Culture and Tourism of Papua province, citing news from, June 2013, said that tourist arrivals to Papua in 2012 as many as 11,000 people, up from 9,700 people visits in 2009 and 2010 reached 10,100 people.

Papua uniqueness does bring a sense of wonder, for example, indigenous tribes with 275 languages, a variety of hand-crafted painting on bark with traditional materials and equipment on the Island of Asei, cultural symbolic head handover in customary marriage rituals in Ajau Island.

Lake Sentani Festival is held over four days, from Wednesday, June 19 to Saturday, June 22, 2013 were able to bring 2,000 visitors each day, visitors really want to participate because of the traditional dances of the Papuans always amaze the audience. The tourists from everywhere coming, more and more.

Traditional stunning dances of tribal warfare of Sentani and Yahukimo tribe certainly fascinating, unique screams broke the silence of the jungle, equipped with traditional combat equipment. Riveting!

(Source Papua Cultural and Tourism Office, travelKompas /Image Daniel Rattu)


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