How to Avoid Pickpocket in Paris? – Part 2

Indeed, sometimes we think a trip is always fun. But if we are cautious and wary of it much better, as suggested by some friends who had to reach way up to various major cities in Europe.

The following tips are a continuation of the first part of the article that also was written in a travelKompas by a female journalist - Dini K Massabuau. We can take advantage of her experience.

7. Some particular brand gadgets are often become the target of pickpockets, such as the iPhone and other latest phones brand. They can openly take by force and always cover their heads with hats that can not be seen by surveillance cameras.

Once in France, immediately buy phone and pulse start price of 20 euros. At post offices, tourist offices and phone boutiques shop, of course.

8. Pickpockets are very happy with the group of tourists, especially Asian tourists. Look carefully around you, there are several groups of teenage boys began approaching the petition letters, be careful, do not hesitate to strongly reject.

While not unexpected, sometimes one of them approaching from the back of the crowd. Be careful!

9. Withdrawal of money through ATM machine, do it in the bank. It should be observed closely, as a precaution early, is not it? And avoid withdrawal on Saturday and Sunday.

10. When you're shopping at a big mall, carrying a large bag with a zipper. This need for efficiency and unite all our groceries in one bag. The more goods on hand, meaning-making opportunities forced by unknown people!

In the end all and travel wherever we are, depends on ourselves. Cities in Europe are very interesting, but need to be aware of the attitude of the tourists while traveling and daily activities in every city.

(Source Dini K Massabuau, travelKompas /Image Sonya Maria)


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