A Cool Experience While Trying The Laundry Machine in Paris

Note: A woman who loves travel, loves writing, write down her experiences with husband in a community travel blog, about their experiences while in the city of Paris, France. Believe me it is a great experience for them!

Who does not want to Paris? City that carries an aura of romance, its lure many tourists heading to this beautiful and romantic town.

Historic buildings and many more things that make you spellbound. Louvre Museum with many spectacular paintings, Mona Lisa for example or other historical objects. See the splendor of the Eiffel Tower, wooww ...

The woman - with her pseudonym “Montblanket” writes her experience when dealing with Self Service Laundry Machine – that are easily found in the city of Paris, just insert a coin before the start of leaching and its machine called "Laverie Libre Service" at a cost of around € 5 - € 10 - € 20.

As a frequent traveler of course we were tired of walking around the city of tourist destination, exploring historical places and other attraction. The body has been exhausted, isn’t it? Washing clothes in the laundry very efficient.

Operated its own laundry machine, and just believe there are surprise moments!

The problem for the tourists is now read the French manual to use the machines. The woman with her husband confused to understand instruction, they fell silent trying to interpret the instructions that purpose. How to operate the machine?

Eventually they got the help from another customer - a black woman who spoke in French. They still does not understand.

They just followed her instructions to insert the Euro coins into the machine main switch box. The engine start running and just a seconds then spurt the fluid detergents and clothing fragrances. Some process again ask to pay with euros, wait for the moment and the machine can operate smoothly.

Interesting experience for her and her husband, even though the local woman are using French language, they pretended to understand. Hahaa ... Simply use body language, all understand each other.

Language barrier is an obstacle, but this would be an exciting experience for the tourists, as it can interact with the locals.

Suggestions for new travelers who just landed or arrived in the city of Paris or other cities in Europe, immediately spend your Euro money, buy drinks or snacks in order to obtain the change in the form of coins.

It really helps you in a variety of activities in the city, such as using a washing machine, buy food and drink through a machine or box rental storage lockers at the train station.

(Source Montblanket – kompasiana /Image Sonya Maria)


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