Saudi prince's graduation party at Euro Disney Paris

The graduation in Stanford University can be a day of joy that can't be hidden anymore, he wants to share happiness with his friends. Prince Fahd Al Saud of Saudi Arabia renting the entire Disneyland Paris which was attended by approximately 60 guests.

Certainly good news for the management of Euro Disney, they immediately prepared tight security for their best customers at that theme park, at a party that lasted for three days.

Share the excitement does have a variety of forms, his friends would warmly welcome. They partied while being entertained by involving various Disney characters.

A festive party with exciting events and characters change each other, laughter and jokes is not enough in these extraordinary celebrations. The prince must pay pretty fantastic, amounting around $19.5 M for his graduation party at Disneyland Paris.

The theme park opened in 1992 and visited at least 16 million tourists every year, and if hired for three days, surely this is not a problem for anyone. All excited. For sure!

(Source AFP, dailymail, travelKompas /Image Euro Disneyland Paris)


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