Riding around the Old Town by Onthel bike

Ah, it’s really wonderful moments in the heyday of traveling around the city by riding an old bike has become a story of the past. Onthel bike!

Are you interested?

If you really interested, please feel free foot step leading to the Old Town of Jakarta in the west side region of the capital Jakarta.

Visit the Old Town does not stop until the Fatahillah Square only, you soon find out just how vast this region as well as the attractions that you can find. Where to? A tourist destination that offers the charm of the past.

The area is mostly composed of old buildings from the Dutch colony era, the more neat and perfect for fans of historical tourism and photography.

Choose your tour guide, then feel the sensation of the past around the Old Town complete with a bicycle-style hat that meneers (Dutch gentleman) and noni Belanda (Dutch young girls) using in that old times. Easily you will see a row of bicycle in this area. The rental rate is based on a time using the bike, namely Rp 20,000 for 30 minutes and Rp 30,000 for one hour.

Prepare driving along the city, passing the interesting historical places in the region, such as the Toko Merah (Red Store), Jembatan Kota Intan (Diamond City Bridge), Syahbandar Tower, Maritime Museum and the Port of Sunda Kelapa.

Prepare your stamina, of course traveled by bicycle will spend energy. Happy back to the party at the past times.

(Source P Widi Hatmi, F Prawitasari - travelKompas /Image Prima Widi Hatmi)


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