Amazing Thailand Grand Sale is Back!

An ongoing program which has entered its 15th year (June 15 to August 15 each year) with the Thai tourism promotion purposes. That the contents of the message to be conveyed by the local government in Bangkok, in particular the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).

The program is the collaboration between TAT, Thai AirAsia and Visa to offer attractive discounts, as well as the "Sky Dance" to be held during the flight with the airline Thai AirAsia.

A year ago during the Grand Sale takes place - especially in June to August, the country managed to bring in 22 million tourists. Fabulous!

The news cites a tourist site travelKompas, CEO of Thai AirAsia, Tassapon Bijleveld said they were pleased to participate in this program, because it is in line with AirAsia role that contributed to bring foreign tourists to Thailand.

Attractive offer for tourists of course, shopping vouchers with a total value of Baht 1 million, only with minimum transaction valued at Baht 500 at various shopping centers.

Although echoes reach throughout the country, Thailand, but the excitement seems striking in the nation's capital. Shopping, shopping ... Till you drop! Cool.

(Source AirAsia, TAT, travelKompas /Image Tourism Thailand)


  1. Thailand have already been attracting quite a lot of tourists from all around the world and now due to Thailand Grand sale and with partnership with Air Asia it can attract whole lot of more tourists to the country, it a nice idea to expand more attraction for the tourists.


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