Germany rebuild a replica of Prussian Palace Kingdom in Berlin

If you are a tourist who wants to see that special 18th century building need to have patience, because the replica building of the palace will be completed by the year of 2019. As reported by a AP news agency, the replica project is worth 590 million euros has been started since Wednesday, June 12, 2013.

This is certainly great for anyone who will have the opportunity to visit the cities in Europe, especially Berlin.

The moment to look back the great history in the past, featuring nostalgic glory of the Kingdom of Prussia which was the trigger for World War I in 1914-1917 in Europe.

The German government has approved the redevelopment of the actual palace in the form of replicas since eleven years ago and has been planned as the museum contains a wide collection of Berlin. Planned collection items include art objects from Africa and various other non-European art.

The place chosen as the location of the palace building is a former East German parliament building. While the original palace of the Prussian Kingdom was destroyed by the previous government in East Germany at that time in 1950, to become the parliament building.

Past history still remembered and an inspiration in the future.

(Source AP, Kompas /Image wikipedia)


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