Tokyo, World's Best Food City

Based on a culinary award from the Saveur magazine

Of course the question for many people when it has a chance of being in a tourist city destination, you always possess a lot of curiosity, looking for a special and unique place worth visiting. Even not forget a sightseeing trip was not complete if you have not tried the typical cuisine in a place, it is a dream for many of a world traveler.

This time without hesitation, Tokyo is a global culinary center, the city has 226 restaurants that have earned the highest award, the Michelin Starred. Present a question, how about Paris, for example, Paris which only has 94 restaurants with the same award.

Tokyo not only offers Japanese food like sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki, or kaiseki, they are even superior to the current offer European cuisine, one of which is a French restaurant.

Restaurants in Japan is very concerned about the food, the quality and consistency of their cuisine. A time to yourself walking around the city, the streets were easily find restaurants, they designed the restaurant in a small size, with eight or 10 seats, of course intends to be able to focus on serving the needs of customers.

Like a quotation article from the CNN, the Executive Chéf of the Ritz Carlton Tokyo Thierry Marais says, "There are so many restaurants here, many are simply made small, with 8 or 10 seats. The restaurant also specializes in all things like sushi, teppan, tempura or kaiseki. "

Japan is unique in their season, thus making the creativity of its chéf becomes optimal, changes to match each season, they also have a long experience, an average of 30 years or more and they also have the specifications on the type of food. This was conveyed by Ryozanpaku Restaurant owners who get a Michelin star since 2009, and this is the best time to visit the country, especially Tokyo to hunt one of the features of tourism there, culinary.

(Source T Wahyuni - Indonesia CNN, CNN /Images M Paath Djojonegoro)


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