Sydney and Melbourne, the Best Cities in the World 2015

Following the results of the research of the 101 best cities in the world by the City RepTrak 2015

Hangout place near Opera House, Sydney

Indeed no reason to doubt the results conducted by global research agency City RepTrak 2015, cities in Australia in the southern part which is interesting, its urban population with special treats and they really enjoy life.

Who does not want to enjoy such a special way of treating life, happiness and respect each other on the townspeople, rich in culture and also a city that enjoys sharing. The cities there are many cafés open-air concept with trees along the sidewalk, as is typical in the big cities in the world, making the townspeople spoiled.

A poll of more than 19 thousand inhabitants in the G8 countries, namely France, Germany, Italy, UK, Japan, USA, Canada, and Russia, then they assess the cities in the world, based on the level of trust, esteem, admiration and respect.

Café on the street, Melbourne

Darling Harbour, Melbourne

Citing an article from CNN, Fernando Prado, from the providers Reputation Institute, said, "For a city, a strong reputation associated with factors such as the desire of individuals to visit, live, work, or invest there."

Cities that either is more friendly welcome tourists, host organizing an event, and attract more investment and talent, so he added.

Here's a list of the top ten best cities in the world.

1. Sydney, Australia
2. Melbourne, Australia
3. Stockholm, Sweden
4. Vienna, Austria
5. Vancouver, Canada

6. Barcelona, Spain
7. Edinburgh, UK
8. Geneva, Switzerland
9. Copenhagen, Denmark
10. Venice, Italy

From the results thus obtained that the cities in Asia could rise further, Tokyo, a city that gets the respect of the respondent, then Osaka.

While the city of Bangkok and Beijing are far behind, each located at position 69 and 85, while the city is experiencing good growth, Seoul, on 59 rankings, and that can not be ignored is the city of Karachi, Pakistan. Although later studies showed that in general the cities in Asia showed considerable improvements this year, and more friendly to tourists.

(Source Windratie – CNN Indonesia, CNN /Images Nana Rosdiana)


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