Cities with Most Expensive Hotel Rates in Asia-Pacific

The study of the HRS Hotel Price Radar Q2 2015 issued by HRS Corporate

News that can attract attention for tourists who are already planning a trip to the end of the year, certainly all been well prepared, so that the traveler would not be surprised to find some facts about places to stay. An interesting study with interesting results of course, the list of most expensive room rates in Asia Pacific in April to June 2015.

You certainly can prepare about the location of accommodation, the hotels are good and in accordance with the standards of comfort, has demonstrated the cities in the Asia Pacific region, cities like Tokyo (Japan), Sydney (Australia), and Singapore into the cities with most expensive hotel rates.

Prepare a budget to be able to stay in Singapore for an average price of 258 Singapore dollars, and if you are in Tokyo, recorded the highest price increase, ie 33.3 percent (year-on-year comparison) in Asia Pacific.

Maybe with the MERS epidemic (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) in South Korea that occurred in May-June last, make Seoul an exception, growth was only 4 percent in the price, and enter it in the exception is Kuala Lumpur, the increase in price is only reached 9 percent.

Studies conducted through data collected from hotel bookings made by the client through the portal HRS 40,000 in two areas of the city during the period 2015 and analyzes the room price per night, and compares with the same period last year. The average price of the room is a reflection of the demand or need a hotel reservation in the market or as a destination for a certain period.

Travelers would be able to see some of the options in this area, and places of tourist destinations can provide clues hotel reservations at a place and a specific area that attracted the attention of world travelers.

(Source J Adrian - Kompas Travel, Japan Today /Images L Pandjaitan, M Paath Djojonegoro)


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