Five Most Weird Things and Harms Carried by Passengers into the Airplane

Based on the experiences of traveling by plane around the world

In an aircraft cabin

Calls to passengers boarding for specific purposes have been heard in the waiting room, some passengers checking their flight number, looks anxious faces of some of them. Certainly not wait to get going, but may call for the flight number has not yet arrived.

Be patient in a trip by plane would have to be given priority, especially if you travel far enough, to the places of interest in planning your tour.

Indeed, when we saw a crowd of people who will be traveling to various places in the world, we feel strange, there is a sense in our minds, want keman they go, and what is the reason for traveling.

Try to be more careful with the items they carry, would generally be a handbag, or something that is not too heavy, even looks not too important. Well, you may also be surprised to see one or two people are pulling a large suitcase, going where all these people?

In the airport

Interesting question, isn't it? An other story in Toronto, Canada, when a 15-year-old boy carrying a dynamite shaped hour into Pearson International Airport, Toronto.

Well, after seeing the luggage they are, we will also think of the many people moving around in airports, both newly arrived and got off the plane, as well as for those who will soon be flying, there is always something that is taken, and make us think for a moment, for what he brings the goods. Strange, isn't it?

Just think, it turns out people in the world are always able to attract attention to his fellow passengers, even on the one hand give a sense of fear. Approximately pa just that they carry and tasted strange.

1. The Grenade

2. Meat Cutters

3. Artificial Gaming Devices

4. Chihuahua or another little dogs

5. Suicide bomber jackets

How do you assess all the belongings of the above, something strange and horrible enough. Who does not feel afraid, because instinctively raised an uncomfortable feeling. Indeed, in a sightseeing trip there is always a surprise that we found, would need time to get used to.

(Source F Adzani - CNN Indonesia, Toronto Sun /Images Garuda Indonesia, M Kretyawan, T Syaharanie)


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