The Secrets in Hotels that Guest Should Know

As told by Michael Forrest Jones, CEO Beechmont Hotels Corporation, Carolina

Santika Siligita Hotel, Nusa Dua Bali

Tourist attractions have been in front of your eyes and thinking hard to decide where to stay, could have been ordered from a long day or before departure. Always a lot of hotels with a variety of facilities and features, and you will soon be tempted to make a selection.

Feel free to enjoy the comfort of staying at the hotel, cleanliness, facilities offered, the environment around and not far from the attractions, you will soon be in the best place to stay.

As stated by Michael Forrest Jones, in a Quora tourist site, that stay at the hotel is not always all be running smoothly, you are led to uncover the secrets that took place in the hotel, especially if you use an ultraviolet stick to see bacteria invisible to the eye human.

1. Avoid using wooden luggage rack. Forrest Jones said that most likely the wood lice, be careful not to put your suitcase on it. Ticks like wood as a place to settle, they came from the suitcases that come from dirty places.

2. What about the cleanliness of the room, how often the room cleaned? Turns through findings Jones via BuzzFeed, was scheduled cleaning of hotel rooms is done every three or four months, new hotel rooms thoroughly cleaned.

Cleaning hotel rooms through a process of open sheets and blankets from the mattress, allowing the mattress exposed to the air for several hours, then flipped the mattress and expose it to the air, after which a new mattress trimmed back. Furniture, curtains and carpets, that age should not be more than ten years, is cleaned. The average age of a mattress is five years, although they are cleaned regularly.

Hotel Facilities

3. Examination of bacteria with ultraviolet wand. All can be revealed by UV rays, as presented by Jones, Best Western Hotel, New York now use ultraviolet sterilization stick of Purelight.

Some objects are frequently touched, such as telephones, clocks, lamps, doorknobs, bathroom fixtures, and a common area.

The hotel regularly inspect, detect all living organisms, food particles, and many more that can not be seen by the human eye.

4. The check-in process that feels old. The ever-present feeling of haste, eager to get into the room, but the hotel frequently stages before obtaining a room key.

Stages are often performed, among others, your personal information recorded by the hotel, guests scan driving license, and other data as much as possible. Some other data collected, the identification will be verified, the data with the use of credit cards, even you will be surprised because they examine whether guests are eligible room rates are given, for example if you get a discount.

Likewise, other specific things, such as check-in history has ever done, it may be included in the guest reward program, final examination to get into the suitable rooms, other things such as ordering wake-up calls and extra help for suitcases.

Will take a great vacation, the hotel tried to do their best, and you will feel comfortable and feel supportive environment to implement the holidays.

(Source Windratie - CNN Indonesia, Quora, BuzzFeed /Images Santika Hotel, Bali)


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