Countries Least Friendly Travelers Worldwide

Based on the findings of the reader initiated by Travel Leisure of the 10 countries in the world


Tourists visiting a tourist destination is generally based on the level of preference or interest in something that is contained in a tourist destination, various things into consideration tourists like exotic places, historic or uniqueness in the venue.

For example, the city of Moscow, known as the largest city in Europe and one of the destinations of tourists from around the world, versions of MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index, it turns out from the findings of Travel Leisure gives a different result, residents of the city of Moscow was not friendly, not like helping people nearby and indifferent to the presence of tourists.

New York

When you visit a tourist site, confront and meet the locals with an incredible level of indifference and never willing to help others, full of surprises and worthy anticipated.

Given the findings of the readers of Travel Leisure to 266 cities around the world based on the friendliness of the local population categories such as quote from The Independent. Several other countries you can observe in the following cities, Atlantic City in New Jersey, Cannes, Marseille, Los Angeles and New York was ranked 10.

1. Moscow, Russia
2. Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
3. St. Petersburg, Russia
4. Marseille, France
5. Los Angeles, California, USA

6. New York, New York, USA
7. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
8. Baltimore, Maryland, USA
9. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
10. Cannes, France

Indeed, there is always a personal considerations, even a bit of neglect when the local population indifferent to tourists, even all be an exciting experience and become part of the journey itself.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, The Independent /Images R Worang, L Sianipar)


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