Stinging Smelling Food in the World

Based on a survey of Foodpanda to various foods has the most pungent odor

Durian fruits

The smell that stung the nose when you are in a tourist spot on the left side of the road is filled with fruits, stroll to enjoy a different atmosphere, smell the aroma of the fruit is very dominant, beating smell of other fruits.

Maybe it was the smell of durian fruits, we will be able to recognize automatically although not directly see. Scent in the fruit serves as one of the natural attractions in the surrounding environment, thus initially how the fruit has a smell.

Korean foods

In addition to the typical aroma of durian fruit, and depending on one's taste, the smell of food can make people tempted to look for food sources. In the course of the tour you take, always able to find unexpected things, smells of food that is too sharp it can eliminate your appetite.

As researched by a website, FoodPanda, they find various types of flat food that has a very pungent smell in the world. Perhaps you've experienced it, on a sightseeing traveling.

1. Dried Fish - types of snacks in Korea, China and other Asian countries, called Kushaiah in Japan.
2. Surströmming - commonly found in travel to Sweden.
3. Hongeo - hongeo red fish that tasted delicious, the raw fish rotten storing ammonia in the flesh, came from Korea.
4. Epoisses de Bourgogne cheese - commonly called 'King of Cheese' by gastronom Jean Anthelme Brillat Savarin, the French typical food, then the cheese from northern France, Vieux Bologne, known as Sablé du Boulonnais.
5. Putan Eggs - eggs that had been smeared with mud and salt, sometimes also added lemon, tea ash and water, the texture feels soft like gelatin and a smell like cat urine.
6. Durian fruit - natural fruit comes from Southeast Asia, heavily favored in the region.
7. Natto - types of vegetables from Japan, which is a fermented soy beans, smells like sweaty socks. A full breakfast menu as a companion of rice, sushi or as additional contents when eating noodles.
8. Chòu Dòufu - know the smell is smeared fermentation of milk, meat, vegetables and other seafood that has expired, it is very popular in China.

See the types of foods and fruits are introduced above, you soon find out, that may one day experience it directly in a privileged tourist spot, or even ever tried any of the food on the menu.

(Source F Adzani - CNN Indonesia, FoodPanda /Image KS Turnip, M Paath Djojonegoro)


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