Countries in the World the most widely consumed meat

According to data from about 200 countries in the world who like to eat meat

Enjoy treats at any convenient time, a menu with meat as a food ingredient is always present at the dinner table, and for the fans has been a main menu that must be present in the list of foods that are served.

Liked the meat is certainly good for the body of someone who many a day of activity, busyness that demands physical strength, fitness, and meat can support the body to do the hard things. Various types with animal meat to be processed and enjoyed by many people.

Try to see the various menus can be prepared from various types of beef, chicken, pork, veal and lamb. Every nation in the world has a unique recipe, even from a long period, as traditional dishes, as quoted by The Daily Meal, every year, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which promotes policies related to economic and human welfare worldwide, issued data of a 'carnivore' state in the world.

Perhaps you want to know the top ten countries in the world consuming meat.

1. Australia. Consumed per year per capita reached 92.9 kg per person.

2. United States. In the second place, Americans ate 91.1 kg of meat per person.

3. Israel. Eating at least 86.1 kg of meat per person per year.

4. Argentina. Country that like meat, they ate 84.8 kg of meat per person per year.

5. Uruguay. 83 kg per person per year.

6. Brazil. They are known as a country that likes to eat. Consume about 78 kg per person per year.

7. New Zealand. Country known as the land of great lamb meat in processed foods. Consumes 73.48 kg of meat per person per year.

8. Chile. Consume about 72.57 kg per year per person.

9. Canada. Eating more than 70.3 kg per person per year.

10. Malaysia. Consume about 54.8 kg per person per year.

If we look at the list of ten countries, certainly interesting, let alone citizens of the United States turned out to be in second place, but it has been able to describe the level of preference to the menu of foods that contain meat as a raw material processed.

(Source CA Setyanti - Indonesia CNN, The Daily Meal /Images E Widi, W Sjahran)


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