London, City of the World's Most Expensive Public Transportation Costs

Cities with the most expensive cost of public transportation in the world

Travelers who arrive in this city should be prepared to travel within the city, you are required to pay a ticket for 5.10 pounds, citing The Independent, by the time would ride the Tube train in Zone 1-6 when crowded.

No need to worry if already know, because for the inhabitants of the city of course this can be troublesome because they must pay greater, as submitted by the candidates for mayor of London, Tessa jowel, through research that London is the most expensive in the world, shifting the position of New York, Paris, and Hong Kong.

Naturally objection for city residents is understandable, especially for tourists who prepare, let's say you are in the zone, the study reveals the fact that tickets for public transport in London is more expensive than the double the 20 affluent countries of the world.

Perhaps you have been around the city of Paris, known then that ticket is also more expensive zone four times more than in Paris, three times more than New York, even ten times than in Moscow.

Perhaps the citizens would accept because it has become the need of transportation to perform various activities, as well as tourists visiting the British capital, even one day you may be in the area of Zone 1-3 which is the most crowded zone, so no need to feel surprised.

Sightseeing trip should be enjoyed as part of a trip that is exciting, fun, and become part of a special blend to gain experience in a tourist destination.

(Source HA Samosir - CNN Indonesia, The Independent /Images Pingkan Djayasupena)


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