World's Most Popular Iconic Buildings 2015

Rating of the most famous landmarks in the world based on TripAdvisor

Taj Mahal

When you are in a tourist spot, always there is a sense whether there buildings are considered special by local residents, building special or something that deserves to be remembered, even into the background of a selfie photograph.

Travel tours are very comforting, relaxing and away from the routine of everyday life, from the workplace, and the frenetic highway in your city.

Eiffel Tower

You're happy, say, take a photo, and even create selfie photo, it does not complete, less satisfied when not using the background of building special, iconic buildings, for example, we have often witnessed many friends upload their pictures with the background of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or the Big Ben in London, and so on.

Of course we will know a lot of iconic buildings in the world, became the building identifier of a place, a city, such as the spectacular buildings in the world, based on the TripAdvisor travel sites, compiled by choice and reviews of users.

Here's a list of most iconic buildings of the Travelers' Choice Landmarks 2015.

1. Angkor Wat, Cambodia
2. Manchu Picchu, Peru
3. Taj Mahal, India
4. Sheikh Zayed Mosque, United Arab Emirates
5. La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

6. St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican
7. Cathedral of Milan, Milan
8. Alcatraz, United States
9. Christ the Redeemer, Brazil
10. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

11. The Eiffel Tower, France
12. Church of the Savior on Blood, Russia
13. Notre Dame Cathedral, France
14. Alhambra, Spain
15. Hagia Sophia, Turkey

Burj Khalifa

16. Charles Bridge, Czech
17. The Great Wall of China, China
18. Lincoln Memorial, United States
19. Burj Khalifa, Dubai
20. Memorial Monument and Museum of September 11, United States

Petronas Twin Tower

21. Wat Pho, Thailand
22. Chichen Itza, Mexico
23. Opera House, Sydney, Australia
24. Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia
25. Panama Canal, Panama

Travelers have a lot of attention to the spectacular buildings, to appreciate, to understand how all the buildings can be realized at a time, in the past so grand, and if possible of course, even if sufficient time and cost, can be visited all. Surely.

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