10 Items You Need When Travelling

Based on advice from a flight search site, FareCompare

Sightseeing trip very enjoyable for anyone, so sometimes we forget the need to prepare with everything, say the preparation of items that need to be taken, in addition to other travel planning on the previous days.

FareCompare, through their CEO, Rick Seaney, given some suggestions for the preparation of a travel, can be considered to carry equipment/goods following in the travel bag.

1. Anti-Dehydration Equipment. Naturally the question arises, but is required when traveling by air, prone to dehydration occurs even when you are in an aircraft in flight distance. Bring a water refill bottle, bring a moisturizer to keep your skin moist, and a hat to avoid excessive sunlight.

2. Battery Charger cord. You certainly will bring gadgets, smartphones, cameras, and tablet, so that the battery charger is required, it is recommended portable battery charger.

3. Cash and Cards. Does not need too much in the wallet, for shopping purposes (prepare the local currency of country destination), as well as at least one or two credit/debit cards.

4. Important Trips Documents. Prepare in digital form, scan your documents, such as boarding pass, your photograph (if dealing with embassies), and a photocopy of the passport as much as 3 pieces each for you, a traveling companion, and a family member at home.

5. Food and Soft Drinks. Certainly needed to guard the plane trip was postponed, or other causes.

6. Equipment/Entertainment Devices. Eg. reading books, games/cards shaped, movies, or songs, in order to fill the spare time that might be tedious when waiting for flight schedules, bus, or other unexpected times that can happen.

7. Clothing. Adjust to the needs and the type you prefer. Swimsuits when tourist beach flavorful, and so on. Then sewing equipment, for special things like buttons apart.

8. Health Affairs. You better know the needs required in the course of the future, drugs, handyplast / plaster, wet tissue, sunglasses, sunscreen and others.

9. Additional Support Equipment. Definitely needed while in tourist sites, even something unexpected, then needed. For example, such as masking tape - if there is a bag/slippers are torn, water bags, plastic bags and others.

10. Mental and Patience. This is personal, because it will be a lot of things happen, such as a delayed flight, lost bags, and do other things that soothe your heart and groups of friends traveling companion. Be always calm, and always relaxing to soothing all.

Good preparation will make your heart as well as companions to be calm, excited and happy. Should any good travel preparation got good stuff too.

(Source W Adityo Prodjo – Kompas Travel, abcnews.go.com /Images F Benjamin, P Widi Hatmi)


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