Reinhold Messner opened the Messner Mountain Museum

Sixth museum building on the summit of Mount Kronplatz

Himalaya Mountain, Nepal

In this place, you can enjoy a great atmosphere with 240 degree views of the mountains of the Dolomites, a special dish that combines location, scenery, and architecture, according to the statement of Reinhold Messner, quoting the article in CNN Indonesia site.

Unique buildings as the last work of British architect Iraqi descent, Zaha Hadid, is located in Mount Kronplatz between the Puster and Gader Valleys, South Tyrol, consists of several levels, energy efficient museum that can withstand a constant temperature level during the summer or winter.

Reinhold Messner has been known as a legendary climber, and became one of the first climber of Mount Everest to climb the summit of Everest without using oxygen aids.

Messner Mountain Museum, Corones

A dream that later manifested by himself, because Messner previously known to have built five other museums in stunning locations, including, MMM Ortles in Italy, which offers ice skating, climbing iceberg, and expeditions to the poles as its theme.

Perhaps you one day, interested to travel to one of the locations museum, of course specifically for tourists who have a special interest in climbing, in general you will get a lot of picture of the climbing world, a series of tools, photographs and objects from the life of the explorers as a mountaineer.

If it has an interest in the world typical of the climbers, as travelers in general will also get inspiration, charming environment, with a dish in the center of a unique mountain, at an altitude of 7500 feet.

(Source Windratie - CNN Indonesia, MMM website /Images Messner Mountain Museum - Corones, N Ginting - Nepal)


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