8 Coolest Tourism Cities in Europe

Continent with a wealth of cultural and impressive historical places

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Dazzling blue continent for fans travel to various places of interest in the world, especially the area that holds much historical location with spectacular buildings towering into the sky.

Not only that, even you will find beautiful beaches, interesting villages, historic towns, and the extraordinary nature.

Travelling to Europe always keep an incredible passion, and do not worry, if all had been planned well, the best time to visit, places attractive option, budget and where to stay can adjust to each other.

Parque de Montjuic, Barcelona

European nations that gave the impression for the tourists, the individualistic nature of the cities in Europe makes every life there is unique, and you deserve to find the best cities in this blue continent.

1. Copenhagen, Denmark
2. Barcelona, Spain
3. London, England
4. Paris, France
5. Venice, Italy
6. Brussels, Belgium
7. Lisbon, Portugal
8. Berlin, Germany

You deserve to visit the this special cities, grandeur and atmosphere are all modern, indeed many thoughts crossed, a visit to Europe, one way to make us face to face with many choices destination countries, are of interest to tourism.

(Source J Adrian – Kompas Travel, Smarter Travel /Images R Rumambi, E Puspa)


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