Dubai-Panama, World’s Furthest Nonstop Flights

Emirates announced the farthest distance non-stop flight

The Emirates

Perhaps you've heard of long-haul flights in the world, eg. flight conducted by the Australian airline, Qantas Airways with the route from Sydney to Dallas. Always raised questions about traveling in an aircraft, airlines would be challenging anyone.

Now forget about the Sydney - Dallas route, because this time the Emirates has provided the longest in the world nonstop, is not such that can be imagined by humans at this time, that the long-haul flights always need a place to stop first at the airport.

This long-distance flight, which is planned to commence on February 1, 2016, as quoted from CNN's website, the airline will cover a distance of 13,800 kilometers in 17 hours and 35 minutes. Flights which requires good preparation and well-planned use Boeing 777-200LR aircraft, carrying 256 passengers.

Emirates Executives - Dining Room

A new flight route that allows connecting different people from one continent to another continent, as is known then, the Government of Panama also welcomed the presence of direct flights between their country and the Middle East region.

Passengers can consider a long journey by plane, crossing continents and oceans, departing in the morning from Dubai at 08:05 am and landed in Panama at 04:40 pm every day, and in the evening at 10:10 pm and arrives in Dubai 11:55 am the following morning.

And, travelers may be able to decide a great sightseeing trip there.

(Source HA Samosir - Indonesia CNN, CNN /Images Emirates)


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