The Oldest Café in Madrid Closed

Café Commercial, presenter of famous Spanish coffee and stood since 1870

Hangout with friends in an afternoon of fun, certainly a healthy experience of socializing in the course of one's life, says a cafe in the city of Madrid, which has been faithful to accompany the townspeople since a long time, when it suddenly closed down suddenly by the owner.

What a tremendous loss, a famous café, who won the award for “Spain Best Coffee Presenters of the Year” from the Community of Madrid. Is not just a hangout place, or a place to drink coffee only, but has become part of urban life.

Citing an article from the The Spain Report, the owner submit 'announcement' of the closure of the cafe as from July 27, 2015. Of course, the owners feel sad, and despite all that, the owners expressed gratitude of their hearts for the trust and willingness to give a wonderful experience for many years.

The urban community is going to feel sad, hangout at cafes have become a way of life, something that is missing would provide psychological pressure for anyone, residents of the city who often spend time there, as well as celebrities or famous people, writers and Spanish figures, even the artists, singers and politicians.

Travelers who've been to Madrid, certainly will not miss this place, a place to drink coffee fun, cool, awesome, but this time it was only a memory.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia /Images Café Commercial Pages)


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