Something different in Japan, Macho Café

They offer a selection of macho men


Thus the minds of their owners, while searching for the idea of establishing a coffee drink place, and he immediately find the bodybuilders to serve customers, particularly women.

And do not be surprised if you happen to be present there, the menu offered guaranteed to make you more healthy, such as appetizers offered salted egg whites and oatmeal, while the main food is scrambled egg white and brown rice flour bread topped with Italian tomato sauce.

They really made customers increasingly interested in, something different. In fact there are sessions to take pictures with their favorite macho waiters, or chatting while eating at their desk for 15 minutes.

The Café

Well, do not forget to try a great menu, 'Wall of Meat', ie a photo opportunity while surrounded by large muscles of the macho waiter.

For customers, a visit to a place like this drink really tempting, as well as a means of seeking solace from the routine of a big city, it is definitely and pleasant.

(Source M Wahyuningsih - CNN Indonesia /Images Macho Café - GemarJepang Pages)


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