Disney's Beauty and the Beast traveled to several countries

Musical performances to celebrate the birthday of staging Beauty and the Beast on Broadway that began in 1994

They are dancers, singers, musicians and great artist, who is able to entertain anybody in the world, they are great people in the noble profession as an entertainer.

After touring in the United States, since seven months ago, they performed around to a number of countries, ranging from Zorlu Center, Istanbul, Turkey, in October 2014, continues to Kazakhstan, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Macao.

While on their way also stopped by to entertain their fans in Indonesia on May 26-June 7, 2015.

The artists of this music is life of their world, this is their dream profession, because it can satisfy hobby and entertain a lot of people. In their travels around the world with the equipment and crew of 30 people, ranging from tour manager, director, 11 musicians, stage manager, tailor, until technicians. Even for all the equipment, they are packaged in 10 containers.

The audience will be satisfied with their appearance, and are required to provide the best performance for the audience wherever they appear.

(Source Ida Setyorini - Kompas, Kompas Travel /Images Disney's Beauty and the Beast)


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