Nagoro, one of the Smallest City's Most Bizarre and Unique

A small town in Japan with predominantly the dolls

Heihan Shrine, Kyoto

One day arrives in a city in Japan, in the valleys of Shikoku, and lost to a small town, lonely, almost no noise and bustle typical of a city, but it seems to present the activities of its inhabitants.

Well, do not be surprised if it turns out all the people who are doing the activity seen in the city, in the shop, coffee shop, restaurant and others are the puppets.

Classrooms - Photo Credit

Fisherman - Photo Credit

Is there a normal human presence like us? Of course there is, they only numbered about 35 people of the total population, 385 people populated the dolls. The dolls were the work of a woman aged 64 years, Ayano Tsukimi.

She saw her home town the less, when she came home from distant places, so decided to make the doll, the size of a man who had lived there. The dolls pose like doing activities in the city, as if those who passed ever live there.

Could it be that, one day in the city, absolutely no human anymore?

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Karen Tsu - Tokyo /Image P Widi Hatmi)


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