Pickpocket, the Eiffel Tower closed temporarily

On Friday, May 22nd, 2015 employees on strike to protest pickpocket

Eiffel Tower, was closed while making tourists who were already at the location to be disappointed, for example, a few tourists from India who brought his family to visit the Eiffel Tower.

It can not be denied an event like this, pickpockets are increasingly aggressive actions make concerns of various parties, the employees of the Eiffel Tower asked their superiors to take stern action against the criminals.

Quite daunting for tourists visiting the area around it, because every time they become a target for pickpockets, usually consist of four or five people and wandering around the tower complex.

It is not available other way out, the authorities should take several steps tower solutions to overcome what's quite disturbing for the city's tourism in general.

Travelers indeed chose the Eiffel Tower, because the charm that is not faded by time, but on the other hand comfort and safety factors deserve attention, for anyone, including tourists.

(Source BBC Indonesia, Kompas /Images Du Poucin, Helen Nina)


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