10 Origin Countries of Travellers to Indonesia

Foreign tourists visit in March 2015 based on data from the Ministry of Tourism

Tourists departure from Bali to Lombok Island

Southeast Asia increasingly attract the attention of tourists from various corners of the world, especially Indonesia show interesting note on the country of origin of the tourists.

Interesting data from the Ministry of Tourism on the trend of tourist arrivals, especially until the month of March 2015, cumulative foreign tourists visiting in January to March 2015 as many as 2,299,288 people, up 3.51 percent compared to the same period last year as many as 2,221,352 people.

Sunset at Kuta Beach

It's not unexpected when you see the arrival of the tourists, gradually increasing trend of tourist visits from China, the position of Chinese tourists who are second shifts the position of tourists from Singapore who finished fifth.

Tourists from China continued to rise in the region, they contribute greatly to the tourist visits to Indonesia, which is targeting 12 million tourist arrivals from China.

The following 10 countries of origin most travelers who visit Indonesia until March 2015.

1. Malaysia
2. China
3. Japan
4. Saudi Arabia
5. Singapore

6. South Korea
7. United States
8. India
9. Taiwan
10. Australia

Vigorous promotion continues to bring in tourists from various countries, the promotion through digital lines and participation in the international tourism market in major cities in the country of origin of tourists.

(Source Kompas Travel, Ministry of Tourism /Images F Benjamin, N Ginting)


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