Ko Tao, the Most Beautiful Island in Asia

Based on the travel agency's website from Singapore, AsiaOne

Beautiful and exotic beaches, so the assumption many world travelers, especially those who've been there. The beach has always been a pleasant destination for tourists who vacation.

When tourists choosing Asia as a tourist destination, one of the shadow that passed through their mind is sun, sand, and sea.

It was fortunate for a destination country which share many beaches, such as Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia.

For once, a beach in Thailand, named Ko Tao, received the title as the most beautiful beaches in Asia in 2015. Of those who have known Thailand will easily recognize this, because they already know about the other beaches, such as Ko Samui, Ko Lanta, Ko Phanga, and Phuket, as it is included in the top 10 best island in Asia.

Ko Tao neighborhood favored by tourists in general in addition to beautiful scenery, but has a five-star resort at a competitive price compared to the coastal resorts of its kind in Asia.

However, if you are in Asia, do not miss the charm of other beaches in the White Beach Boracay Philippines, and Indonesia with its exotic beaches in Bali and Lombok.

(Source Intisari Online, Kompas Travel /Images wikipedia, Ko Tao Pages)


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