Culinary Business Uniqueness of the World Celebrity

Not just as a celebrity, but they working in other fields

Despite their fame became the main reason for customers to visit the eating places that belong to these celebrities, but a matter of taste into their respective tastes.

They have been so commonly seen as the center of the news, maybe even on a movie screen or television, thus becoming important psychological consideration, curiosity and feel the different atmosphere, for sure.

Here are some of the world celebrity that opened other businesses in the culinary field.

Bon Jovi. Managing a business restaurant, JBJ Soul Kitchen in Red Bank, New Jersey. We as visitors can pay only according to taste, if not to taste do not need to pay. Interesting, is not it?

Donnie Walhberg and Mark Wahlburg. Take pieces of the final part of the name of their names, then born Walhburgers Restaurant, located in Hingham Massachusetts at affordable prices.

Quentin Tarantino. Celebrities who think differently, he just planted a stake in the restaurant Do Hwa in New York City, USA. But do not hesitate to stop by, enjoy their Korean food, tasty at all!

Lady Gaga. Perhaps her time is limited, so it prefers as an investor, an Italian restaurant named Joanne Trattoria.

Tony Hawk. A skateboard sportsman, chose to develop the restaurant business Market Restaurant and Bar, in the city of Delmar, California, with a unique service in the menu changing, never the same every day.

Justin Timberlake. Founded the restaurant Southern Hospitality in New York City. He along with friends like Memphis-style barbecue, and feel free to enjoy it.

Francis Ford Coppola. Be prepared to enjoy a different atmosphere, Restaurant Rustic, which is in the midst of his winery, with a menu of Italian and European food.

Hunting culinary became one of the most special experience for tourists from all over the world, and one day may be, you are in one of their eating places.

(Source Wiendrati - CNN Indonesia /Images JBJ Soul Kitchen Pages)


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