Sambas also known as the City of Agate

A city with beautiful scenery in western Borneo

Maybe some tourists who have been to this region know the natural beauty around the city, nature, culinary, traditions and cultural uniqueness.

There are other things that might be missed by most people who have been to this area, namely the uniqueness of agate stones.

And this country is being hit by the ‘agate fever’ in the region, so many fans began to turn their attention to the city of Sambas, they hunt and search for agate stones that are uniquely shaped in this region.

The positive impact for the local population is extra income obtained unexpectedly, local communities flocked to become the agate artisans impromptu, they initially worked as a rubber latex collector. Rubber in the world market were getting trials, the prices dropped sharply, so that the local community immediately switched their professions to welcome agate fever which comes suddenly.

Beautiful nature around the area in Kalimantan received a sudden blessing, because many people come to this city, for the sake of an agate.

Local residents happy, agate fans people even get what they want. Fit and people happy with incomes continue to rise, of course, all happy.

(Source CA Setyanti - Indonesian CNN, R Teratai - Jakarta /Images R Teratai)


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