Looking for a Cheap Meal on the island of Bali

Places to eat around the tourist areas is always expensive

Bali Mixed Rice

Of course when you are in Bali has always wanted to be in tourist areas, such as the desire to always be around Kuta beach. People might say Kuta region is boring, turned crowded and dirty, or other detraction.

But the facts on the ground is different, the exotic beaches of Kuta remains a favorite of many tourists. In fact you will find it has not been to Bali if not yet reached the area of Kuta.

Mixed Rice with nuts

Now what if we first seek food elsewhere? Do not worry, there are always places for cheap food in Bali, for example in little food shops or stalls at the edges of certain roads.

Shops and places to eat like easily found in the street around the city of Denpasar, as well as elsewhere on the island. If you eat in the tourist areas, do not be surprised if the price is more expensive, for example, a selected menu can be up to $ 5 – 7.5 or more.

Look for places to eat somewhere else, a little walk out of the tourist areas, many shops are always cheaper and pleasant, shady and beautiful. Food prices are much cheaper half, the food tasty, delicious and a happy heart.

Vacation in Bali will be more memorable, for anyone.

(Source F Abdurachman - KompasTravel, Ni Kdk R Riyanti - Denpasar /Images S Lasiah, Ni Kdk R Riyanti)


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