Royal Baby gives effect on Tourists who Visit London

Birth of the royal couple's daughter Prince William and Kate Middleton on Saturday, May 2nd, 2015

Big Ben London

Extraordinary impact of the birth of the British royal princess for tourism, of course, this birth was greeted by the people in London, and for the tourists who are planning trips to the UK.

The birth of the royal baby to give effect to the number of tourists who visit London, this is obviously a positive impact on the city of London in the times to come. This is in line with the predictions of the Visit London site, the number of tourists visiting London this year is predicted to reach 32 million tourists.

Citing the site, through the article a tourist site, Kompas Travel, the number of tourists who visit London at the birth of the first son of the royal couple, Prince George, in 2013 and which reached 29.1 million tourists.

Red Telephone Box, London

The above figures turned out to be a record in itself, since the birth of the son of the kingdom is able to reach a new record of foreign tourists who visit London, ie as many as 17 million tourists.

London has always occupied minded travelers the world today, as a world-class tourist destinations among the most famous tourist places of the world, tourist sights, such as culinary, resto, fashion, hotel, the famous river of Thames, you even get a chance to enjoy an afternoon tea party in ships carrying tourists visiting historical sights around the royal family.

(Source M Chairunisa - Kompas Travel, Visit London /Images Pingkan Djayasupena)


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